How It Works

Make your order. Get your content.

As simple as it could be.

More Details on How Each Service works

For The entire order
  • You start by filling in the form with your order. It takes a minute.
  • We review your order within 24 hours.
  • We email you with any questions we need to make things clear.
  • We email you the PayPal invoice for your order. If PayPal doesn’t work, we can arrange other payment methods.
  • Once details are sorted and payment is received, the order is confirmed. This should not take more than 24-48 hours.
  • We email you a google sheet where you will find everything about your Order.
  • We start delivering the content once done. We don’t deliver in one batch, we do content dripping. This way ensures we get quicker feedback and can adjust quickly to any requests or changes needed. You also get your content much faster and can start hitting publish within a few days of making your order.
  • Within 7 business days of confirming the order, the Order is complete.

What to expect from each service

This bit is text-heavy, but we try to be as honest as possible to make sure you know exactly what to expect

Keyword Research

$100 /30 Keywords

Masterfully chosen keywords that your site can rank for that can bring you the most traffic and money!

$5/keyword .. or
$100/ a 30-keyword Hitlist

  • a Keywords list (hitlist) designed to suit your site’s authority level
  • Keywords targeting the requested specific post types
  • Keywords/Search Queries you can target and rank for quickly
  • Keywords that can actually bring in traffic, money, and leads!
  • Non-Competitive Agreement. We will never do keyword research for your competitors!
  • 2 Days average delivery time!


$30 /1000 words

Expertly written content to help your website rank quickly.

You either get impressed or get your money back!

Larger orders get special discounts!

  • 100% Unique Content100% Unique Content
  • Human-Written. No AI of any kind.
  • Well-Researched
  • Fact-Checked
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Designed for user engagement
  • Perfect Grammar, Vocabulary, and Punctuation.
  • Includes expert insights, added value, or a unique perspective to make your article stand out
  • 7-day average turnaround time!

Content Drafting on WordPress

$5 /article

We take your article from just text to a complete page. You just need to press publish!

Fixed fee regardless of word count!

1-2 Day turn-around time!

  • Uploading the content on WordPress
  • Formatting the article on WordPress
  • Engaging Titles and Headlines designed for optimizing your Click-Through-Rate
  • Adding images (stock or original images provided by you)
  • Adding internal links to other relevant articles on your site
  • Citing authoritative sources used in the research
  • Adding Product recommendations if possible
  • If editor access is given, we can add internal links to the new article from older articles on the site for faster indexing and ranking.