You have some doubts, so let us calm your mind. This is a risk-free experience because we are very confident in our content.

Test Drive Articles (Sample articles)

Before you make a commitment, you have every right to check out a sample of the content provided to you. This is better for both of us, which is why we encourage you to ask for a sample article before making the commitment.

This free article is yours to publish it regardless of whether you end up making an order or not.

Some terms and conditions apply, of course:

  • You may ask for only 1 sample article
  • The sample article may be an informational type only (response or staple)
  • The word count requirement for the sample article may not be more than 1,500 words

We also may not be able to fulfill your sample article request for one of the following reasons:

  • If we’re already working at full capacity as our clients’ work takes priority, of course.
  • If the given keyword closely resembles one of another client (conflict of interest)
  • If we believe you have asked us for one before (we are pretty tech-savvy and can tell quite easily)

Money-Back Guarantee

You can ask for your money back within 14 days of making your order. Please note that if you do ask for your money back, you will no longer own this content and you are not allowed to use the content provided. As every piece of content is a sunken cost to us, and although it can be incredibly difficult, we may try to find ways to use or repurpose some or all of the content we refund you for, but we will not sell this content to other clients. Every piece of content delivered to a client is 100% unique – Period.

If the content is already published on your site (or you have published it on other sites), the order is not refundable unless content is taken down.

Orders over $500 are not eligible for a refund. For orders over $500, we will make sure you test the quality of the content first and will do our absolute best to do any edits or adjustments needed to the content as we deliver it one piece after another. Please make sure to provide us with any feedback quickly so we can take action based on your feedback.

How to get a refund?

The process to get a refund is fairly simple:

  • Email us for a refund, mentioning the reason
  • A team member will review your request
  • We will contact you
  • If all is well, we will issue a refund

Revisions and Rewrites

If you have reviewed your content and found something you don’t like, you can ask us for a rewrite or a revision of the article.

You may ask us for 1 revision or rewrite per article unless the content has a serious issue (plagiarism), then we will scratch the article and write you a new one free of charge.